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Prof. Dr. Maria Ganhza

Maria Ganzha is an Associate Professor in the Warsaw University of Technology (Warsaw, Poland).

She has an MS and a PhD degree in mathematics from the Moscow State University, Russia, and a Doctor of Science degree in Computer Science from the Polish Academy of Sciences.


Systems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences

Warsaw, Poland

Biography: Marcin Paprzycki is an associate professor at the Systems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences.

He has an MS from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland, a PhD from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, and a Doctor of Science from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. He is a senior member of IEEE, a senior member of ACM, a Senior Fulbright Lecturer, and an IEEE CS Distinguished Visitor. He has contributed to more than 450 publications and was invited to the program committees of over 500 international conferences. He is on the editorial boards of 12 journals and a book series.

To reach him, please visit http://www.ibspan.waw.pl/~paprzyck/.

Maria has published closed to 200 research papers, is on editorial boards of 5 journals and a book series, and was invited to program committees of more than 250 conferences. She is also the Principal Investigator, of the SRIPAS team, in the INTER-IoT project. Here, her team is responsible for use of semantic technologies in the context of interoperability of IoT platforms.

Keynote Speakers:

Dr Vukosi Marivate holds a PhD in Computer Science (Rutgers University) and MSc & BSc in Electrical Engineering (Wits University). He is based at the University of Pretoria as the ABSA Chair of Data Science. Vukosi works on developing Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence

methods to extract insights from data. As part of his vision for the ABSA Data Science chair, Vukosi is interested in Data Science for Social Impact, using local challenges as a springboard for research. In this area Vukosi has worked on projects in science, energy, public safety and utilities.