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ICT and Society is looking at any activity where society is using ICT to improve productivity, peoples’ lives and society as a whole.

The Organizing Team:

The ICTAS team, who combine unique skills to host the annual ICTAS conference is a committed group of academics from the Department of Information Technology within the Faculty of Accounting and Informatics, spearheaded by the executive Dean of the faculty.

The conference is the initiative of Prof Olugbara, who inspired vision and dedication to provide a platform for emerging researchers to network with academia and industry in solving problems in society using ICT.

Having a passion for research combined with organizational, coordination and problem solving skills are essential components for hosting an international conference annually.


Bio-inspired Algorithms

This project addresses the rise of big data through bio-inspired algorithmic development. Bio-inspired algorithms can be seen as …

Real-time Intelligent Tracking:

This research work proposes to develop a prototype system of miniaturized sensors for real-time tracking of persons.

Edge Analytics

The research applied bio-inspired algorithm (e.g., Kestrel based algorithm) to edge computing infrastructure. The dynamic and adaptive behaviour of bio-inspired ….

Medical Interventions

A number of research projects are underway to utilise feasible mobile computing and existing infrastructure, within several sub-Saharan countries, in order to provide …

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